Front Panels - Follow up

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at
Wed Jun 14 04:09:21 CDT 2017

On 14.06.2017 11:04, Peter Corlett via cctalk wr
> This is perhaps an obvious question, but have you asked a professional printer
> for advice? They are likely to offer to silk-screen onto Perspex for you at a
> price and quality you're unlikely to manage yourself.

AFAIK he has had the boards perfectly silk-screened. But now it's about 
small batch and saving money. Silkscreen printing is NOT cheap for small 
to non existent series: You have to make a screen, adjust everything, 
get the ink mixed etc. The screen can be kept for a long time. But every 
time you want to use it, you need a certain amount of ink which will be 
lost. And the time for adjustment etc.
So silkscreen printing is the opposite of flexible. But it's fun to do 
and you can produce WONDERFUL results.


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