Front Panels - Follow up

Jon Elson elson at
Wed Jun 14 10:27:20 CDT 2017

On 06/14/2017 01:42 AM, Rod Smallwood via cctalk wrote:
> Hi
>     We are ok for now but for future and as yet not 
> designed panels I can still draw them. (I'm old but not 
> that old)
> However with modern technology there has to be a 
> multi-pass printer that can print on perspex (plexiglass) 
> and closely simulate silk screening
> My goal is to be able to keep a stock of blanks and print 
> to order.
> Could everybody keep an eye open for such devices (exclude 
> those with excessive price tags and silly ink costs)
> Rod
Silkscreen is actually pretty low-tech.  Anybody can do it 
in their basement.  (I made a large volume of low-density 
circuit boards a long time ago using silk-screen resist for 
etching.)  One advantage of doing it at home is you can just 
archive the silkscreens, and print one or two panels at a 
time.  The professionals recycle the screens after each 
batch because they don't have room to store them.

Maybe  your silkscreen provider would be willing to make 
your master artwork, or even process the whole silkscreen 
and give it to you, letting you store and print the screens 
to panels as they are requested.

You would need to make up a printing frame.  This is quite 
simple, a piece of plywood with some registration pins and a 
couple hinges. There are special hinge/clamp pieces that are 
made for silkscreen frames.  Then, you need the inks and 
squeegees, all pretty standard items.

Silkscreened inks are REALLY durable!  Think of some 
drinking glasses with logos on them.  (Now, I know those are 
fired onto the glass, so even more durable.)  I have doubts 
some kind of ink that could be printed by a print head could 
be that durable.


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