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>> It would not qualify it as occasional volunteering though:
> Well that's particularly what I was getting to: if some of us (e.g. myself)
> were in Silicon Valley for a few days, could we be put to work, or would
> having us underfoot just slow things down?
> mcl
Now for a real practical use for the archives. As you know I make front 
panels for PDP-8's and 11's.
I have all the information I can find. Full drawing sets photos etc.  
However there are no detail drawings of the
individual panels by themselves.  For each panel there should be sets of 
drawings of the base panel with its cutouts, and
the artwork for each layer.
So for an 8/e you would have a drawing of the plexiglass blank (18.5" x 
8.25") with dimensions and positions of the cutouts,
One artwork for each of the Black, White, Terracotta and Yellow layers. 
Also manufacturing instructions and a parts list.
Although they are shown in the drawing sets of the systems there has to 
be more detail or they could not have been made.

I'm 5,800 miles away. Not a problem if they had been scanned. But a tad 
more difficult to go and look.
Look for what?  Any detail panel information for any system that had one.
If anybody is going there anyway. Please could they look for me.

Rod Smallwood.

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Nor black and white.
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