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Alan Perry aperry at
Fri Jun 16 09:17:25 CDT 2017

> On Jun 15, 2017, at 23:11, Lyle Bickley via cctech <cctech at> wrote:
> Having volunteered with Collections (cataloging, etc.), I know that one
> session at VCF would be insufficient to qualify someone to properly
> handle and copy documents to museum standards. In addition, as Rich
> said, there would have to be full time CHM collections staff present to
> manage and oversee the operation.

Yes, but it would at least allow people to scan stuff in their own collection and make it available in an acceptable form.

A long time ago I scanned some documents and, after I made them available, the response that I got from a museum representative was that it was in an inappropriate format and that I was "wasting everybody's time". I stopped scanning computer documents at that point (I still scan and distribute automotive documents; car people seem to just make what they get work for their needs).


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