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On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 3:17 PM, Alan Perry via cctalk
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>> On Jun 15, 2017, at 23:11, Lyle Bickley via cctech <cctech at> wrote:
>> Having volunteered with Collections (cataloging, etc.), I know that one
>> session at VCF would be insufficient to qualify someone to properly
>> handle and copy documents to museum standards. In addition, as Rich
>> said, there would have to be full time CHM collections staff present to
>> manage and oversee the operation.
> Yes, but it would at least allow people to scan stuff in their own collection and
> make it available in an acceptable form.
> A long time ago I scanned some documents and, after I made them available, the
> response that I got from a museum representative was that it was in an inappropriate
> format and that I was "wasting everybody's time". I stopped scanning computer
> documents at that point (I still scan and distribute automotive documents; car people
> seem to just make what they get work for their needs).

At least you got a reply. I don't even get that. On a couple of
occasions I have offered
stuff to Bitsavers. The first time, it was the dumps of the microcode PROMs for
the HP9800 CPU, the HP9866A printer and HP11305 disk controller, along with
the disassemblies I'd produced from them (with my own comments as to what
is actually going on). The disassemblies were plain text files, the PROM dumps
Intel-Hex (which I think is a known format).

More recently I scanned (and offered here) one of the Trend paper tape reader
manuals. I forget if it was the HSR500 or UDR700 one. I was quite suprised it
didn't appear on bitsavers. FWIW, whichever it was I have scanned the other
one too. Now, I only had access to a cheap scanner and the free software that
came with it, so I suspect things could have been improved (in particular I know
the .pdf files are ridiculously big). But equally over the years I
have downloaded
manuals for all sorts of things. Sometimes poor scans, illegible bits, pages
missing. But I find that even an incomplete manual is better than none at all.

I have therefore come to the conclusion that people don't want my scans
(for whatever reason). And I am not going to waste my time scanning manuals
as a result. So no Philips P800 schematics, etc.


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