Unknown boards

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oops. the 4 flops are upper left.


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The board in the bottom center is 6 buffers or inverters.

The upper right is 4 flipflops. The upper right is some type

of decoder( maybe an address or something ).

The bottom right is a clock generator and the one on the

lower left looks to be a massive gate, nor or nands depending on the logic used.

Function is not the issue, what machine used it is the question.


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This reminds me the 5 boards that were in the back of my Uniservo 10/14
and which were the terminators (to put on the last tape drive connected
to the main controller). Maybe these boards have a similar function?

On 16/06/2017 19:02, william degnan via cctech wrote:
> I checked and they are no GE 4000 system boards.
> On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 12:57 PM, Jon Elson via cctech <
> cctech at classiccmp.org> wrote:
>> On 06/16/2017 09:31 AM, David Gesswein via cctech wrote:
>>>      Can anyone identify these boards? Person I got them from can't
>>> remember
>>> anything about them.
>>> http://www.pdp8online.com/ftp/misc/unknown_boards/
>>> Date codes of 1964. Size 4.5"x3.25". Looks like used card edge for
>>> keying but has separate 23 pin connector for electrical connection.
>>> No useful markings I can see. Has card ## on the back.
>>> Search by picture didn't find anything.
>>> Thanks
>>> They remind me of RCA bizmac boards, which are likely to be related to
>> GE, as that computer division changed hands a number of times.
>> The connectors are Elco Varilok.
>> Jon

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