dd-equivalent for VMS

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Sat Jun 17 07:00:30 CDT 2017

> Sounds like you're about to try another approach.
> If you end up giving VMS another go then this might work:
> $ MOUNT/FOREIGN yourtapedevice:
> Then
> $ COPY yourtapedevice: somefilename.rawdata
> I remember doing something similar many years ago to get RT11 data off an
> RX02 floppy and I think this (or something fairly close to this) should work.
> The default blocksize is likely to be 512 bytes so you may need to play with the
> /BLOCKSIZE qualifier?

I know the block size is 10240. I tried it on VMS 5.4 but got nowhere:

$ mou/for/block=10240 mka300
%MOUNT-I-WRITELOCK, volume is write locked
%MOUNT-I-MOUNTED,  mounted on _MKA300:
$ copy mka300: tape21.dat/log
%COPY-E-READERR, error reading _MKA300:[].;
-RMS-F-RER, file read error
-SYSTEM-F-DRVERR, fatal drive error
%COPY-W-NOTCMPLT, _MKA300:[].; not completely copied

I decided to have a go with a TZ30 on the Ultrix box and that has gone much better. If necessary I will try an Alpha running Debian.



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