BBS INDEX w/110 baud phone #'s and HP2000 Phx Union HS System Console HOME!

Tue Jun 27 12:16:57 CDT 2017

BBS INDEX with110 baud phone #'s and the HP2000   Phx Union HS System 
Console   comes  back to PHX AZ  this  month! 
BBS phones!   -  how about  one   that  is  dial up? that  will answer  at 
110 baud  so I can use my  ASR 35 that  just came  home after 30 plus  
years?   this ASR 35  Teletype was the console for Phoenix Union high  School's  
HP-2000A  timeshare  system in the late  60s and  stayed on the system   
throughout   2000F   upgrade. 
The 2000F config was still using a  2116 processor!  We got  the  2000F  
systems and   put in a  2100 processor  upgraded it to 2000 ACCESS and resold 
it but kept the teletype   around  but  sold it to a fried in calif that 
wanted a  cheap  printer.  so away the teletype  went.... 
I still had the  2116 HP  computer I had  saved   soe  gave that to SMECC  
for the museum  display. 
Now the Teletype   that was the console can rejoin it!
The Phx  Union  2000A  orig. had  2116, 16 port mux, a  drum and a asr 35 
Now  a  ASR 35  is a wonderful memory for me even before  that as I had one 
 with a GE Diginet TDM 114  modem as my first   terminal. wish I  used to   
access the Maricopa  Community  College  2000f  which is the one  we  
bought and   ran  even before we  got the Phx  Union  one.  (   we  still have 
the  Maricopa College  system  under  glass  here at  SMECC  but  need the GE 
terminet with  HP paint job (Sherman... where is one?)
and  the  2883  disc  for it.
Now back to the  ASR 35!  We need the   following... ( already  checked the 
usual  teletype  places)

1- Plastic  dome on the top  of the teletype..
2- the cover plate that  fits an ASR 35 paper tape  reader.
3 - A clean set of real printed manuals  and schematic  drawings ( Yea I 
have the download)
4 -  A working  TDM 114  GE Diginet modem 
5 -  A list of 110 bad  dial ups... does telenet or tymnet  still exist ?  
will int answer at 110 baud?  what  will?   ok  how about  some BBS ssytems 
that  will answer at 110  baud?
Thanks in advance for any  advice, parts, info  etc...
Ed Sharpe archivist  for SMECC  _www.smecc.org_ (  
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Example for my zip code (Los Angeles Area)

92xxx   -  Orange County

1 Los Angeles,CA       BIT  SUNRISE
Telnet: BIT SUNRISE     Website:

2 Hemet,CA           BORDERLINE BBS
Telnet: BORDERLINE BBS  Website:

3 Los Angeles,CA        BRAINTOYS BBS
Telnet: BRAINTOYS BBS   Website:

4 Hemet,CA           COTTONWOOD BBS
Telnet: COTTONWOOD BBS  Website:

5 Los Angeles,CA        DOGTOWN BBS
Telnet: DOGTOWN BBS   Website:

6 North Hollywood,CA   DREAMLAND BBS
Telnet:  DREAMLAND BBS       Website:

7 Huntington  Beach,CA  HORIZON BBS
Telnet: HORIZON BBS          Website:

San Francisco zip code

94119   -  San Francisco (picked off search at random)

1 Santa  Barbara,CA     BARBARIA BBS
Telnet: BARBARIA BBS                 Website:

2 Woodland,CA         BATES MOTEL BBS
Telnet: BATES MOTEL BBS               Website:

3 Rohnert Park,CA      BLOOD STONE
Telnet:  BLOOD STONE           Website:

4 San  Jose,CA          CYPHERPUNK (DYNACORP)

5  Sunnyvale,CA         ESCAPE TO OTHER  WORLDS

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