DECstation 220 - Out of Ideas?

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Wed Jun 28 13:11:49 CDT 2017

I was thinking of trying with the chip removed, so I think I will do that. I have a multimeter of course, which is how I have been tracing already. The scanner idea is a good one too, and if nothing else at least it gives me an idea of where to probe without too much flipping of the board.



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> Hello,
> now you could try to check the voltages again, just to be sure the fault is not on
> the 245.
> Following the traces is of course obviously difficult, but if the board is really
> only two-sided (no internal signal layers), components are not too high, and you
> have a flatbed scanner, you could scan both sides, then colorize top in green
> and bottom in red, flip bottom and do a properly aligned overlay with a graphic
> editor like GIMP.
> It's a matter of few minutes, but could improve the work.
> When you are unsure, try with the multimeter.
> Andrea

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