Full immersion emulation

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Wed Mar 1 22:52:19 CST 2017

On 3/1/2017 8:36 PM, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> That's one area where CRTs are sooo much better.  The S/360 machines
> just pounded the hell out of the SYSLOG device.  I guess the Selectrics
> were better than the Model B-based console typewriters, which always
> seemed as if they were going to fly apart.
> As a typewriter, the  Selectric is pretty good.   I still have a
> correcting Selectri III with a broken drive belt (I have a new belt
> waiting to be installed), but I haven't gotten up the courage to repair
> it myself yet--it's not a simple job.
> --Chuck
IBM called up the local guy for our area when the University bought the 
360/50 and told him to report for training.  They delivered a /40 for a 
year because of problems with making the 50 work.

He was the regional IBM Selectric repair guy.  The 1050 on our systems 
always ran fine.  As did all the Selectrics around the area.  He still 
had those support calls.


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