Cekit 8085 micro trainer

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 16:48:11 CST 2017

I picked up a Cekit 8085 microprocessor trainer last weekend, model MT-01. 
Google seems to be of no help - has anyone else here got one of these? 
There's nothing really specific that I wanted to know, but it's just odd 
that there seems to be no info out there at all about it.

Some of the writing on the PCBs is in Spanish, and it says on the back that 
it was made by Cekit for EKI - but throwing that into the Google pot 
doesn't appear to be of any help.

I'm not even sure how old it is. The CPU, I/O chip and some of the logic is 
dated 1983/84, but then there are a handful of Goldstar 74LSxx ICs with 
90xx codes on them. It may be that Goldstar just didn't follow date code 
conventions, or it's quite possible that it really is that recent (and some 
of the ICs just came from much older stock).



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