Compaq Portable 286 and Portable III - IDE drives?

Fred Cisin cisin at
Fri Mar 3 16:54:55 CST 2017

IIRC, at least some models did support a 500MB drive.
(1023 Cylinders, 15 heads, more then 17 sectors per track)

If you can find the Compaq EGA board, it will work with the internal 
monitor, and provide almost usable Windoze.
(Look for the connector mid-board)
There was also an ATI EGA card (with add-on) for Compaq.
Or, you could add a VGA, as a second video card.
Windoze would work with CGA, but 640x200 was clunky.

For Windoze 3.10 or 3.11, you need some memory above 1MB. (A20)
(Windoze 3.00 did not need memory above 1MB, and could un on 8088)

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