IBM S/32, PDP-11/60+RL01, PDP-11/34, East Lansing MI

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>     > Is anyone confirmed to be picking this stuff up?

I'll put my hand up on this.  

Much of the trove had already gone to scrap before this group got wind of it.  And for a lot of it that was probably the right thing though it pains me to say that.  The house cleaners had been there before I contacted the owner immediately after the message appeared on the list.
The S/32 all went to scrap as it had been a possum home for a number of years, the 11/60 cabinets were scrapped a few days prior to the list contact and the 11/34 had also been severely damaged by animals while being stored in a garage for approximately 10 years.  The 11/60 processor was stored in better conditions and consists of two BA11 style boxes. 

There was a well preserved Flexowriter recovered in pieces, but likely complete, and a bunch of ADM3a terminals.   I also brought home a very, very rough TU 55. Unfortunately another, possibly a TU 56, had been scrapped a few days earlier as well. 
The owner, Greg, was one of the nicer people I have met over the years.  He lives near the MSU surplus sale site and was a good customer there.

We need a better way to be recognized as a place to post situations like this earlier in people's decision process on how to clear out a house.

BTW, I should also report on the recovery of the Triad system early in January.  Will Donzelli and I came back from that location with the Triad rack, a re-badged Interdata system (8-32) and a lot of interesting terminals as well as a few CDC 9726H cartridge drives.  We may have a system for this, but have not had time to investigate.

Regards, Dan

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