Still Looking For AT&T 3B2 Internals Docs

Jerry Kemp other at
Sun Mar 5 03:50:36 CST 2017

Hello Seth,

Fingers crossed that you already have what you need.

Given the possibility that you don't, my comment here is that your request for 
internal documents are somewhat vague.  Can you be somewhat more specifics?

The reason specifically I'm asking, is I was reviewing an old Unix book/document 
earlier, "Life with Unix" by Don Libes & Sandy Ressler.  The document makes a 
lot of comments about both Berkeley/BSD and AT&T, and how AT&T was using Unix 
internally all over the place.

It is of no direct value here, but the book is available to the public in pdf 
format here in case you are interested:


During my time in the military, I spent most of the early 1990's in the Pacific 
theatre, and although at the time I was not wearing a Unix admin hat, I was 
reminded by the book that I observed AT&T 3b2 systems in Japan on base that were 
part of the telco system, and had no IT usage.

And to be more specific, I'm wondering out loud here if possibly, the 
documentation you might need may not be directly accessible, but that 
information might be available in a round about way, possibly thru the telco 
side of things.

If nothing else, food for thought.

Wishing you luck,


On 02/27/17 09:33 PM, Seth Morabito wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> It's been about a year since I last asked around, so I figure it's
> time for me to put out another call for help.
> My AT&T 3B2 emulator sits unfinished due to lack of internals
> documentation. If you or anyone you know might have access to
> internals documents -- schematics, timing diagrams, etc. -- please let
> me know.
> These docs are very hard to find, and may never have been released by
> AT&T. Maybe you know a former AT&T engineer who managed to squirrel
> some away?
> I have many resources already, so I'm NOT looking for user manuals,
> SVR3 source code, or the IO Bus specification.  These are pretty
> easily available online, and they've given me their all.
> Many thanks in advance,
> -Seth

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