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Hi Eric, 

First of all: Yes - you can log in to with your .com account. It is no problem. Why my stuff doesn't show up on, I don't know: I haven't seen a setting to make this happen. 

True, the items are in Switzerland, the country to Chocolate and also where the WWW was invented :) 

As they are bulky, I cannot just send them out by regular post. Either the buyer comes and picks them here, or they make their arrangements to have them shipped. Incidentally, the 2 PDP11 on sale were bought by me some years back from and were located upstate NY, and then shipping was arranged to Switzerland. 
In other words: come and pick the stuff or arrange for a forwarding company to bring you the stuff. 


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Hi, Martin.
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Hello friends of vintage computing,

As I need the space at home, I am parting from some of my vintage gear. They have all been listed on EBAY.DE.
Among others, there are two PDP11 V03 systems, a number of CRT terminals and others. Have a look and see if you find something of interest.
Head over to EBAY.DE and search for "PDP11 V03", and then see all my other actions.
Just thought I'd let you know..

I'm trying to pull up your ADM-3A (222434344378) on the US eBay site, but it's not showing up there. Do you know why that is?
(I've never bought from a foreign eBay domain, so I'm not sure if I can just log in there as I would on the US site, watch items, etc., and have it all propagate from one domain to the other.)

Oh, I see it's for local pickup only (and you seem to be in Switzerland), or maybe shipping to Germany:"Möglicherweise kein Versand nach Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika - Lesen Sie die Artikelbeschreibung oder kontaktieren Sie den Verkäufer, um Informationen zu Versandoptionen zu erhalten."translation via Google:"No shipping to United States of America - Read the item description or contact the seller for shipping information."
"Da die Wahre raus muss, verkaufe ich den Gegenstand für Selbstabholer (oder Transport vom Käufer selber organisiert) ab EUR 1 ohne Mindestpreis."translation via Google:"Since the truth must go out, I sell the object for self-pickup (or transport organized by the buyer itself) from EUR 1 without a minimum price."
        Eric Christopherson


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