help needed installing USB to Serial Cable for ADTPro

Joe Giliberti starbase89 at
Sat Mar 11 15:52:43 CST 2017

The cable is branded "Ugreen." I've had difficulties with USB to RS232
adapters in the past, which is why I bought it from the ADTPro
website. I figured that it would be more likely to work straight away.

When I stare at device manager and pull out the cable. nothing
happens. If I scan for hardware changes, the system still sees
"unknown device" and "base system device" and tries again to find
drivers for them. Device manager is showing an installed USB to serial
adapter, but these others won't go away.

On a venture to the grocery store today, I stopped in at a Radioshack
which was having a liquidation sale. I bought their "Gigaware" USB to
serial cable for a decent discount at $20. As I understand it, this
one uses a Prolific chipset which can occasionally be troublesome..
Thankfully, there appear to be drivers for it specifically for Windows

I'll give it a shot and report back.

Thanks for your're assistance!

Joe Giliberti

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