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Filtering through this list to remove what's gone and revise the items
as required. This is the LAST CALL for these. They'll be going to
recycling if no-one claims them (aside from the Newer Computers)

All stuff is in UK LN11 Postcode area. Prefer collection, but will
ship small stuff at your *own risk and cost*. I will ship small items
outside Europe but the large stuff is UK/EU only due to likely power
supply restrictions and excess shipping costs.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all items are **untested**. I will
test computers on demand if needed. Cards and CPUs I can't really be
bothered to. No returns, folks, ya gets what ya gets.

There's a stack of pictures here:

Identification of stuff is left to the reader.

If you have any questions just drop me a line.

Here goes:

ALL FREE TO A GOOD HOME (shipping extra):

=iMac G4 800 -15-inch - NOW FREE=
TESTED working okay (booted into OS X 10.4.11 and ran a few apps)
G4 800MHz CPU
15b  LCD Panel
768MB RAM (256MB Internal, 512MB in upgrade slot)
Airport (doesnb t support WPA encrypted WiFi)
Cosmetically needs a clean and dedust, has a few scuffs on the outer
case plastics, otherwise in good condition. Flat Panel LCD sadly has
several bugs stuck between the LCD and the backlight resulting in
small black spots that look like 2-3 dead pixels
Has original, working external speakers (have special powered plug!) -
in similar need of light TLC
*In Original box* (because frankly it was the only way to store it safely!)
Probably have a matching White Keyboard and Mouse somewhere.
Happy to ship to UK Buyer as itb s easy enough in the box

=PowerMac G3/400 upgraded to G4/500/1M)=
NOW FREE but will cost extra for shipping
TESTED WORKING booted into Mac OS X 10.4.11 and tooled about. Soak
tested for 4 hours.
512MB RAM (tested working in the machine)
40GB Hard drive (?)
Case is in decent condition aside from an odd scuff, front lower
handle has a chunk missing out of it (happened some time ago and never
got replaced)

=PowerMac 9600=
UNTESTED but was working a year ago when I replaced a faulty logic
board and booted it into Mac OS 9.1
ZIF Socket CPU card with a G3/500/1M upgrade CPU installed
I think about 384MB of RAM
ATi Rage 128GL video card
Apple 10/100 Ethernet card
Case is a bit dirty and has a few scuffs but is in good general
condition. The side panel fan has slightly botched (but working)
contacts on it. Inside is clean and in good condition.

=Intel ISP1100 Rackmount 1U Server=
UNTESTED Not been run up in years was stored as working
Pentium III 800MHz (Coppermine)
No RAM but have some PC100 and PC133 EEC that works in it
1.44MB Floppy and facility to install 2 hard drives (IDE)
Includes some crazy-ass Broadcom PCI Crypto-Accelerator card thatb s
probably obsolete.
The shown hard drive is not included (itb s SATA, anyway)
Was bought as new in the box so has not seen a server room in itb s
life, I havenb t run it for any significant time. Chassis is clean
aside from a bit of dust, the front panel cover likes to fall off
because the rack ears got dingged. Comes with a full set of rack rails
(never opened) if I can find them

=Macintosh Performa 475=
UNTESTED worked last time I turned it on and they are pretty hard to kill :)
Probably has no RAM or VRAM (aside from soldered in stuff)
Genuine XC68040RC25M CPU (not original, has FPU)
No Hard Drive (tray and screws are in it I think)
Has LC PDS Ethernet card, I think
Clean condition, case is largely unscathed, only light yellowing. Has
an AppleCentre Norwich dealer label on the front

=Macintosh LC=
Itb s complete and pretty original, including hard drive, RAM etc.
Has some kind of LC PDS card in that I canb t identify (itb s no LAN),
but I couldnb t be fashed to take the lid off as I didnb t have a
screwdriver handy. I donb t remember having anything too exciting for
Case is okay apart from some sticker-guff and dirt. Even has original
retaining screw!

External 50-pin SCSI Apple CD-ROM
I think it has a Genuine Apple CD300 (Matshita 4x) drive in it which
means itb ll work with System 7.5 up with no silly drivers IIRC
50-pin Centronics with Passthrough

=Compaq 8-port PS/2 VGA KVM=
The b less compatibleb  black port version
No cables, sorry, but they use standard VGA/PS2 ports


=NuBus Cards=
SuperMac DigitalFilm VidCap system - Includes cable and breakout box
2x of Asante Ethernet Card - RJ-45 and Thicknet ports

=PCI/AGP Cards=
8MB Video Board from PowerMac 9600 (I forget the model)
Apple Fast Ethernet 10/100 card - RJ-45

=CPUs & CPU Cards=
ZIF Module PowerPC G3/266 - originally from Beige PowerMac G3
ZIF Module PowerPC G4/400 - unknown but likely from Yikes! G4
ZIF Module PowerPC G4/500 - SonnetTech G4/500/1M upgrade
NewerTech MAXpower PowerPC G3 (233?) Slot Card (for pre-G3 PCI PowerMac)
SonnetTech PowerPC G3 300/512 Upgrade Slot Card (for pre-G3 PCI PowerMac)
PowerPC 604/166MHz - Pulled from a Power Computing PowerTower (Mac Clone)
Unknown PowerPC G3/250 Upgrade Card - has rotary switch clock settings on it

AV b Wingsb  Personality card (video in/out, RCA Audio in/out) -
think these are for the Beige PowerMac G3?
2x of LC PDS Ethernet Card
PowerMac 8100/7100/6100 Accelerated Video card for PDS Slot - includes
6100 bracket
Apple Performa PDS Ethernet Card
3x of 3rd Party Apple-AUI (mini Apple port NOT DB-15) to RJ-45 transceivers
Genuine Apple-AUI (mini Apple port NOT DB-15) to RJ-45 transceiver
Quantum GoDrive 2.5b  SCSI Hard drive - 40MB - Powerbook - 1992
Quantum GoDrive 2.5b  SCSI Hard drive - 160MB - Powerbook - 1992
Various Drive Trays
        -PowerMac 8600/9600/G3 Beige Tower
        -Quadra 8xx/PowerMac 8xxx (pre-8600)
        -Mac LC
Floppy Drives - Manual and Auto-inject types
Mac SE & SE/30 Rear Expansion port bracket
2x of Mac Keyboard Cable (curly grey ones)
Bundle of PhoneNet cables
PowerMac 6100/7100 Video to 15-pin Monitor adapter

(These still aren't photo'd but will take pics if interested)


Mark Benson
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