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On Mon, 13 Mar 2017, Dave Wade G4UGM via cctalk wrote:

> Folks,
> Well I recently retired and was asked to return all training materials 
> to my employer. I refused as the contracts included in the front of the 
> books clearly stated that these were licenced to me personally not to 
> whoever paid for the course, and were not to be passed to any one else, 
> including my employer. I wonder if they would have sent me if they 
> known? If the materials are meant to be so licenced I would expect them 
> to include a specific reference to the licence some where at the front. 
> In the case of AIX as folks are still running AIX courses I suspect that 
> releasing them to the public may not be legal...

Unless Cindy was the original purchaser of the material, she can do 
basically anything she likes with the material short of violating the 
copyright.  Selling them or giving them away doesn't do that.


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