help needed installing USB to Serial Cable for ADTPro

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> Subject: Re: help needed installing USB to Serial Cable for ADTPro
> The bootstrapping option is grayed out in ADT so I can't do that. I
> don't have access to my usual tools for the next few days, so I can't
> loop the pins

(I've also engaged your question on the ADTPro support forum... that's 
probably a better place to debug this.  But for the group...)  Assuming 
there isn't a hardware issue like the null modem being plugged into the 
wrong DIN5 socket on the IIc, my guess is there's a bit-width issue with 
Java.  First, some background: it sounds like you've been hacking around 
with (the location of) the RXTX serial library, which should not at all 
be necessary; it should be left where it is after unzipping the ADTPro 
distribution.  Also, it's unusual for Windows not to recognize the 
FTDI-based chip in your UGREEN adapter; it should be automatically 
downloaded and installed.  You should not need to install it manually. 
You should see the COM port populate in the Windows hardware manager 
when you plug it in (and the device driver is correctly installed).

You said your Windows was version 7, 64-bit.  Let's check Java.  Go to a 
command line, and run 'java -version'.  The build identifier will let us 
know if it's 32- or 64-bit.  If it doesn't match your OS, that's the 
reason why ADTPro can't see the serial port (through RXTX).

- David

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