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Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Mar 13 17:24:18 CDT 2017

>    > This entire conversation is completely absurd.
On Mon, 13 Mar 2017, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:
> Perhaps.
> But she did ask "Am I legally allowed to resell these?" - which is rather a
> different question from 'If you were me, would you just go ahead and sell
> these?' (My answer to the latter question, BTW, is 'Yes.')

Thank you.
We don't agree on all the details, but it's a worthwhile discussion when 
kept factually accurate.
For example, there is no lack of copyright in "abandonware", but it is 
true that some things will not be pursued.

She should definitely sell them.  On THAT, we all agree.
Whether that is completely legal is unclear, but on a 26 year old manual, 
the likelihood of repercussions is miniscule.

It turns out that they are NOT materials created by the people giving the 
courses, but instead are [excerpted?] photocopies of manuals put out by 
IBM.  Therefore, license issues are rather unlikely.

Operating in good faith, she can ASSUME that the course purveyors had 
authorization for making those copies.

> Yes, I know that in so carefully parsing her statement, I'm acting like a
> lawyer. So sue me! ;-)

What she should do, and what is technically legal overlap, but are not 
completely congruent.

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