VT52 keyboard question

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>> My guess is that the VT52, VT55, VT05 and LA30 are identical.
> No, fortunately not.  The LA30 was notorious for having a very bad and very unreliable keyboard.  Some GT40s had that same keyboard as well, I don't remember if that changed later.  The keycap shapes were different too: larger and more square with sharper corners.

I know that back in the day, we had about a dozen VT52 and 3 VT50's.
They were the same keyboard, but with different internal circuit
boards (we had a few former VT50's that were upgraded to VT52's, at
least according to the techs that I worked with at the time). I still
remember having to edit my FORTRAN code for a while on a UPPERCASE
ONLY terminal until I got enough seniority to warrant moving up a
dual-case terminal.... thankfully these were all replaced by VT100s
over the years I worked there and my role shifted a bit to needing a
VT100 to support a customer that had an application that used the
advanced features of the VT100: double size characters, line drawing
boxes, etc.

Man, that was a million years ago...


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