Wanted: AT&T 3B2 Ethernet Card ROM images

Seth Morabito lists at loomcom.com
Sat Mar 25 23:26:52 CDT 2017

I'm trying to track down ROM images from AT&T 3B2 expansion cards.
I've started with the EPORTS serial card, which I have. What I'd love
to find is the ROM from the NI Ethernet card.

Not all ROMs were socketed. Freqently they were soldered, so I know
that getting these probably won't be easy. If I had an NI card of my
own I'd desolder the ROMs, but alas, I do not.

If you have these ROMs, are willing to image them, or -- and this is a
real long shot -- if you're willing to let me borrow a card for a
while, I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

Seth Morabito
web at loomcom.com

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