Ohio Scientific Universal RAM Board GW-OSI-RAM1

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Wed May 3 19:37:22 CDT 2017

> Is the IM6100/6120 still easy to find?  I'dve thought that the supply
> was exhausted by now.

One of my *US* parts supplier apparently has qty 500 in stock for the IM6100s! With the failure rate I've been seeing, figure at least 350 of them are viable, maybe more. I've also had a bunch come out of the woodwork from other hobbyists with this project.

> Octal for me is quite familiar for 12 bits;  I can't recall ever seeing
> a 12-bit word that didn't use it.  On the other hand, 16 bits is a
> natural for hex--and only gets confusing when it's in octal.

I want to say the only 12-bit work I've done has always been octal (PDP-8), but 8- and 16-bit has been a mix. I can switch between them, but it's kinda like using vim and $graphical_work_editor -- you use vim on a weekend long hack session and you keep hitting `ESC:wq` in $graphical_work_editor!


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