Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Sun May 7 12:03:27 CDT 2017

We have any people here with an interest in the UnixPC?
I have one left here that I probably need to part with.  It's
a little dirty having spent 20-some years in an attic but I just
powered it up and it works other than the hard disk.  It's
got 1Meg on the motherboard and no external cards.  It
boots diagnostics from the floppy but won't boot from the
hard disk and when I run diagnostics it gets read errors.
I guess that means it might be good and just require a
re-initialization and reload of the software.

It's way to much for me to try to ship so it would need to
be someone either near Scranton, PA or who might be
travelling this way at some point this summer (but not the
end of May/beginning of June as I will be in Alaska then.)
It can be had for a couple cases of beer.  :-)

I also think I have a set of both 2.0 and 3.? floppies which
would make reloading it easier.


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