Locust 1-2-3

Liam Proven lproven at
Wed May 10 13:40:33 CDT 2017

This came up recently due to a small coincidence. Does anyone remember
this early MS-DOS game for PC compatibles?

 It was designed to look exactly like the spreadsheet, so you could
play in the office, but you had to "shoot" falling numbers by doing

It looked just like a mockup of 1-2-3 r2.01, the classic version.

>From very vague memory...

There was an answer line at the bottom. Numbers would trickle down the
current column. You had to add, subtract, multiply or divide and input
the correct answer. If you didn't, your mistakes piled up, like
incomplete lines in Tetris, giving you less room and so less time to
do the computation, until you died.

Then a new column began, I think. When all the columns were full of
figures, you'd died and had to start a new game.

It wasn't much of a game, but it was kinda fun, and it was a perfect
mockup of the spreadsheet, so it would pass casual over-the-shoulder

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