BBS software for the PDP 11

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu May 18 14:14:54 CDT 2017

On 05/18/2017 10:44 AM, geneb wrote:

> Because.  That's why. :)

Well, okay--but then let's be period-correct.  The PDP-11 dates from
1970, when, AFAIK, BBSes, if they existed, were far from what people
think they were.

I'm thinking of,say, Call Computer in Mountain View, frequented by the
HCC people.   300 baud, usually acoustic coupler-type (in 1970, the
implications of the Carterfone decision had just begun to set in.)

Mostly a real bulletin board in the sense of posting group messages.

That ran on what, an HP 3000?  And whatever happened to Alex?


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