BBS software for the PDP 11

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>> As for power, if you  have a wife and/or kids, a PDP-11's power
>> consumption is not even above the noise floor in your electric bill.
>> (Unless your trying to do it with RA disks!!)
>> bill
> Out of curiosity how much power do these wee beasties consume?
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> The plate on the back of my 11/93 says 345 Watts.  That's about a fifth what your
> wifes hair dryer draws.  Or slightly more than 3 100 watt light bulbs (which your
> kids leave on all over the house all the time!!)
> bill
The light bulbs maybe, but you also run things much higher than 350 
watts from time to time.  The hair drier is meaningless.

Most of the lights I leave on now are LED pulling 10 or less watts. The 
entire population of light bulbs in my house left on now doesn't get to 
100w anymore.

I have 2 dell 2950's that pull a large power bill.  That is near your 
345 watts each, and I am plotting to take them out and their 
replacements are Intel NUC's @ 40w each, pretty much the same go power.

the 11/93 probably isn't running as much compute power as one core of 
the 2950.  Nor possibly a Raspberry Pi.    Whatever you want to do to 
convert $$ to radiant heat, I guess no one is stopping you. Running the 
old stuff for fun even for extended periods is one thing, but a BBS has 
possibly the mission to stay up.  Depending on what the OP has in mind.

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