BBS software for the PDP 11

Thu May 18 17:22:03 CDT 2017

we ran ours first on a hp-2000 then migrated to a hp-3000
final version had  100 boards on it  email  ,  multi  user  chat, poll and 
voting and much more.
yep it kicked ass!
The machines were  used also as  board test machines   etc  when needed
and   also some  were used as   sale   of  computer time to people tthat  
had  developed an application  and did not want to rewrite it  for a pc.
... and I found they were better to  just  run rather than turn  on and 
but  they drew power!  and they generated heat.
... nothing like having a  10 platter 500 lb  drive as a leg  warmer next t
o your desk.
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> Never forget, BBS were  about storage and cheap which at that time were 
> opposed (disks  weren't cheap!).  The amount of Ram and CPU were less 
>  important
> considering what had to be done.  Often the modem and  hard disk were as 
> costly
> as the basic system and we didn't  exceed 2400 baud till '85or later.  
> anything
> could  keep up with IO at under 4800 baud.
Here's what amounts to a  canonnical(sp?) list of BBS programs for a number 
of different  platforms:


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