BBS software for the PDP 11

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> As for power, if you have a wife and/or kids, a PDP-11's power
> consumption is not even above the noise floor in your electric bill.
> (Unless your trying to do it with RA disks!!)

I used to have an 8250 with four RA-81s and a TU-81+.  The power bills
were....impressive. :)


8250 is a VAX, not a PDP-11.  I doubt it even ran off of 120v single phase.
Mine at the University certainly didn't.  I mentioned that RA's were tougher,
but I haven't used one (or owned one) for at least 10 years.  TU-81+?  I
don't remember them being real power hogs, but then I didn't power them
up unless I needed to use them.


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