Help needed: Identifying the right RK611 <-> RK06/RK07 cabling

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at
Sun May 21 03:09:43 CDT 2017

Hello list,

Paul Anderson and myself are trying to figure out the available cabling options that allow to connect an RK611 controller to RK06/RK07 drives.

To my knowledge, there is the possibility to get a drive connect via:

RK611 <-> flat cable <-> cabinet transition bracket <-> round cable <-> RK06/07

The part numbers I found so far:

Flat cable: BC-06R-xx
round cable: 70-12292
or BC23Z-xx

The transition bracket's PN is 70-12415 and is the same as for RL01/RL02 configurations.

The round cable with same connectors as used for RL01/02 cannot be used for RK06/07 as not all cables are wired to the connectors. But a RK06/07 cable can be used for RL01/RL02.
Can the BC-06R also be used for RL01/RL02?

Apparently, there are also direct cable connections between RK611 and RK06/07 existing. In that case, no transition bracket is needed. 

BC80M shielded: RK611 to first drive

... and the cable required to connect two RK07/07 drives:

BC17E    shielded

Can anybody help us in confirming and correcting us regarding the cabling configurations
and the part numbers?

Thanks a lot for your help!
Have a nice Sunday,


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