Teletype 43

Jason Howe jason at
Fri May 26 10:22:52 CDT 2017

No eye rolling here.  I'd have picked it up too!

I would love to get my hands on hard-copy terminal.

(Still kicking myself for not grabbing a free DecWriter III several 
years ago).


On 05/22/2017 10:44 AM, Jim Brain via cctalk wrote:
> OK, go ahead and roll your eyes at me, but I was Dayton Hamvention 
> last weekend, and there was a lonely Teletype Model 43 sitting in the 
> flea market (on the ground, no less) for free, and so I decided I 
> needed it in my life.
> I know it's not considered a "true" teletype, because it's essentially 
> a little uC, a KB, and a little dot matrix printer, but I will wear 
> the stigma of shame of not owning a "proper" mechanical model 33.  I 
> got home last night, and the unit fires up and works (well, in local 
> mode.  Docs claim it is rs232 out the back, but could not coax 
> anything from my PC to it yet), though the ribbon has seen better 
> days.  I used a bit of WD-40 to free up the ink, and so things are 
> legible now.
> Not sure I need help yet (did not do much debugging yet on rs232), but 
> I see the ribbons are no longer available. Thus, I am wondering if 
> anyone has a spare one for it, or knows of someone who can restore 
> this ribbon (looks like it needs a new polyester ribbon and the 
> internal foam roller looks like it will fall apart if I try to rinse 
> it out and re-ink it)
> I know it's a long shot to ask, but I figure there was no harm in 
> inquiring, and I believe making a home for a model 43 is not entirely 
> without value. :-)
> Jim

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