RK05/BA11 slides

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> So, you have an RK05 drive, but you're missing the slides to mount it?
> Your troubles are over (sort of :-).
> It turns out the slide DEC used was the General Devices 'Chassis Trak'
> C-230-S-122 (22") - and those are still available (e.g. from Newark).
> somewhat pricey - the -124 (24") is slightly cheaper, and can easily be
> to fit an H960, viz:
>   http://ana-3.lcs.mit.edu/~jnc/tech/jpg/24InchSlide.jpg

Thanks for this info Noel. I need the outer rails for my RK05 in a H960. So
it sounds like I would need the C-230-S-124. I am not clear from the picture
you linked to, what the modification is? My metalworking abilities are



> The one in the image actually came off an -11/05 in a 10-1/2" box; the
> outer slide pair from the RK05 slides does in fact fit the inner slides
> the part permanently fixed to the box) used on a lot of BA11 boxes.
> One hitch: the location of the safety latches (the 'buttons' on the inner
> that pop out through holes in the intermediate slides) is different on
most of
> the BA11-K inners (on the three BA11-F's I've looked at, they do match),
and so
> the latches don't work. (Unless of course you make the correct hole in the
> intermediates, or drill new holes in the inners that come with the slide
set, to
> match the mounting holes on the BA11-K, and use them instead.)
> So, better than nothing, if you have BA11's (or similar) and don't have
the outer
> slides, to mount them.
>       Noel

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