RK05/BA11 slides

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>     > From: "Rob Jarratt"
>     > I misread your email as suggesting that the 124 was more suitable
>     > the 122
> No, it's just cheaper (at the moment), and can be made to work.
>     > My H960 is not very accessible but I attempted to measure it front
>     > and it may be 25". Do you know where should the length be measured?
> You don't need to measure anything. The C-230-S-122 is the _exact_ part
> used originally for mounting RK05's in H960's.

Even better. Oddly, on Farnell in the UK (which is Element 14) the 122 is
actually cheaper than the 124, but only by 2 pounds and still a lot of

If there were enough people in the UK who want a pair they go from £135 to
£92.53 for 10 or more pairs, plus VAT plus postage. Anyone want to club



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