Picked up tandy 1000 TX

devin davison lyokoboy0 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 18:22:36 CDT 2017

Located in Vero Beach Florida.

I was able to boot an old toshiba utility disk i had laying around
that is 720K. I have tried to make a couple of dos boot disks but have
not had any luck getting it booted. it appears to be functional, but i
need to get a proper boot disk made before i send it off. Pictures to
follow soon. I am taking the machine apart to take inventory and find
out the model numbers on the drives.


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> Where are you located
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> Subject: Picked up tandy 1000 TX
> I picked up a tandy 1000 TX with a color CM 11 monitor. Both are in the original boxes with keyboard,monitor and the printer cable. It powers on but i can not seem to get it to boot from the floppy drive.
> Ive tried writing 720K boot disks from my windows computer but it is still not booting. Some better pictures to follow soon.
> I do not particularly need such a machine, and am open to trade or offers. If no one wants it perhaps it can be put to use as a BBS or something packet radio related over here. Also, the boxes both had us goverment stickers on them, kinda intersting.
> https://s20.postimg.org/fr7iox7kt/image3.jpg
> --Devin

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