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Here is yet another batch of items for sale.  Full running list with
updates is here:

New items for October 31, 2017:

Problem Solver Systems, Inc. Model RAM16 16K Static RAM - for S100 systems,
with original instruction manual; uses TMS4045 1024 word x 4-bit static RAM
- $40
Vector 2201-1 S100 prototyping board - unused, has gold plated edge
connector with one pad per each pin, and a grid of holes - $15
Wameco EPM-2 - completely bare/unpopulated EPROM board for S100 bus - $10
Artec Electronics WW-100 [REV. 1] - completely bare/unpopulated S100 board
- $5
MediaVision Pro Audio (1993) - ISA 16-bit board, brand new, in originally
sealed anti-static bag - $5

Atari SX212 - modem only, no power supply - $10
Commodore VICMODEM - clean condition, minor scratches on face label - $13
shipped anywhere in USA
Tandy Enhanced Keyboard - 5-pin DIN connector; includes form-fitting
dust/spill-cover so keyboard is extremely clean - $25
TRS-80 Acoustic Coupler for TRS-80 Portable Computer Model 100 - excellent
condition, in original (very good condition) box - $20
Floppy Disk Services, Inc. 5SVA&T-2 dual 5.25" disk drive - has two
Matsushita JA-551-2 half-height drives and dual 34-pin female header socket
ribbon cable, for TRS-80(?); powers up, both drives spin briefly, unable to
test further - $40

Heathkit H19 keybaord - decent shape; missing 4 keycaps on numeric keypad
(6, 9, and the two next to 0) and two on the main keyboard (next to BACK
SPACE and REPEAT); marked 85-2223-1 and 111078, "COPR HEATH 1978"; unknown
functional condition - $10

JUKO Tiny Pro SF - small footprint (10" x 11.5", 3" high) PC - motherboard
has Harris CS80C286-16 CPU, Oak Technology OTIVGA, AMI 286 BIOS, floppy &
IDE controllers; integrated NEC FD1138H 3.5" floppy drive; requires 5-pin
DIN 5VDC/7A power supply (not included); unable to test - $40
Apple //e - standard 64K model, bare bones, no adaptors; works great all
around, very nice condition with some yellowing - $40

Infocom Suspended on 8" floppy disk in original Infocom sleeve for CP/M
(single density disk), near new looking - $20
Altera MAX+plus II Programmable Logic Development System - complete
package, includes Getting Started, User Guide, and AHDL manuals, version
4.02 software (Quartet?) diskettes still in shrinkwrap sealed envelope,
Max+plus II Software Guard dongle - $40
The Clone Machine with Unguard - a Commodore 64 program for
copying/inspecting/editing disks (cracking tool); includes original disk,
user made working disk, original manual - $20 including shipping to
anywhere in USA
MacProject - project management software for original Macintosh and Lisa
computers (as indicated on original box); box is in decent condition with
several creases and kind of punched in on the back; includes two MacProject
program disks and one A Guided Tour disk, labels are foxing - $15

Apple Macintosh 512K enhanced accessory kit - includes Macintosh 512K
enhanced user guide, Mac software catalog & sampler, product registration
card, packing list, A Guided Tour (audio cassette, shrinkwrapped); missing
system software diskettes ; box is pushed in from the top and creased in
the corners but otherwise in fine shape; I'll throw in The Easy Guide to
Your Macintosh (Sybex, 1984) - $25
Original manual (shrinkwrapped) and Warranty, registration card inserts for
Apple 3.5" Drive, plus drive number stickers - $6

More information and photographs for any item upon request, but please have
serious intent to purchase and not just being a looky-loo as I field a lot
of requests and it takes a lot of time

I'm happy to negotiate a bulk price for multiple items, combined shipping
is cheaper, and items are always packed efficiently with superior care and
materials. Shipping is from California. Local pick-up is highly encouraged
(you get to shop my inventory). International purchasers are always welcome.

As always, please send inquiries to me directly via e-mail (
sellam.ismail at for best results.



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