Wanted: Parsytec SCSI-T or BBK-S4.

Erik Baigar erik at baigar.de
Tue Oct 3 12:36:12 CDT 2017

Hi Andrew,

thanks for your email and great to hear, that you
managed to get hands on a BBK-S4!

On Sun, 1 Oct 2017, Andrew Back wrote:

>>> Have you got PARIX up and running with the Power Xplorer?

>> Yes, 1.3.something. I even ported the povray to this hardware
>> using an older pvmpov version. Most of the time I use some
>> single Trapu boards from a MegaFrame...

> Does it support the PPCs?

Yes, for Transputer-only I am using Helios on the
PowerXplorer (PPCs idle in this case) and with PARIX,
the Transputers are doing the networking part whereas
the PPCs execute the user code.

>> What do you have got running on your Transputer machines?
> I still haven't got round to restoring them. They were stored in a damp
> cellar and would benefit from dismantling and a thorough overhaul.

OK, so I am crossinf my fingers, that you will
find some time in the future and the S4 within
your IPX is a good point to start at!

> Well, I managed to get an SBus card, although there are no stickers on
> the EPROMs and so I hope it will work.

In an emergency I can supply images of the EPROMS I guess.
The first test is restoring the IPX and if your BBK-S4
can be accessed you are a good step further. My first
test here alway is to issue a...


...to get a dump and see in which slot the BBK-S4 acutally
is. In my case:

                      slot 0 -  NO VALID SBUS DEVICESBus
                      slot 1 -  NO VALID SBUS DEVICESBus
                      slot 2 -  NO VALID SBUS DEVICESBus
                      slot 3 -  'CWA: BBKS4'  No link available for checking versio

> in a Sparcstation IPX to use with it. I need to spend about £450 on Lemo
> connectors to make cables for it!

Well, one cable will be enough to start with. I am
normally using ony one entry into my PowerXplorer-setup.
My biggest test run was with a mesh of 8 Trapus/PPCs.

> I also picked up a small Parsys system, but it sadly only has a single
> T9000 HTRAM. Can't seem to find any documentation on it either.

Well, I guess, these are very rare and although I have
got a preview chip (i.e. really only the chip without
housing, pins etc.), I also have never seen any
documentation or even software for the T9000...

    Best regards and good luck,


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