Tek 4051 users and replacement for the 405x QIC Tape

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 3 11:12:28 CDT 2017

One of the Ex-Tek's, Micheal Cranford has designed a modern FLASH based RAMPACK for the tape drive, and filled it with most of the known BASIC games.

More significant, Micheal has written FASTGRAPHICS, a replacement for the BASIC vector draw functions; 100x increase in performance, in addition to the ability to draw non-store vectors.

I think he has a few of these left.  The big problem is the RAMPACK plastic cases are recycled from old ROMPACKs and these are in short supply.

He is looking for a 'Toaster' too.  Can we get a count of active 405x users out there, and start a group effort to build, swap, restore 405x hardware?

(I got an original Kraft joystick, and starting that project from the schematics on bitsavers.)


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