DECstation 5000/240 Thickwire Connector

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Wed Oct 4 16:37:51 CDT 2017

> The thickwire connector on my DECstation 5000/240 does not have the sliding
> lock on it, instead it has standoffs with threaded screw holes (like any
> normal serial/parallel connector). This means that the thickwire adapters I
> have won't connect properly because their locking studs are blocked by the
> standoffs on the main board connector. I can remove the standoffs I suppose,
> but I was just wondering if anyone has ever come across this before?

This is also the case on the VAXStation/MicroVAX 2000 and on the (E?)ISA
ethernet card in my Alphaserver 2100.

Look for an AUI cable such as the BNE4E-02 which has screws on the right
angle male end and a sliding lock on the straight through female end. 
(I suspect the 02 could mean 2m long.)
Peter Coghlan.

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