Baltimore Area Collector Liquidating

Fran Smith fsmith at
Sat Sep 30 13:02:54 CDT 2017


Ok its time to get rid of more stuff from my "Stash"

A mostly complete Decmate with the RX02 pedestal
A complete Next slab system with display and laser printer.
A complete IBM Aptiva with original boxes
2 Vaxstation 4000 Model 60's
A huge pile of Dec Professional 380's
A huge pile of Vaxstation 3100's
Two Televideo Dumb terminals
And piles and piles more stuff that can be picked through.

I did pay real money for all of this and have stored these treasures for 
many years in my finished basement. To be honest I paid too much but 
that is how collecting goes :)

I am only liquidating because honestly this stuff needs to be used , 
displayed and monkey'd about with rather than languish here.

My health also took a downturn and I can't deal with heavy items anymore.

The prices are cheap (Well Well Below That "Site") so contact me to get 
some idea.

If you buy more I will throw in all sorts of free or near free stuff.

All items must be picked up at my Baltimore , Maryland area home. I will 
not ship because I really don't want to moosing around heavy stuff.



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