Tektronix 6800 Board Bucket and 4051 Working Together Video

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 1 21:38:21 CST 2018

Thats amazing Brad!

Good job.

The amazing is that you have working board bucket, that has to be the rarest thing out there in 4051 hardware.

I need to follow vcfed and you guys more, you are definitely on top of the hardware.

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Subject: Tektronix 6800 Board Bucket and 4051 Working Together Video

I'm not sure how many of you who are on this list are on the vcfed.org
forum, but just for those who aren't, with the help of Dave and Monty from
there, I have recently restored a 4051 I bought a couple years ago to
working condition.  Last night with their guidance I connected it to a
Tektronix development system called the Board Bucket, also a 6800 driven
machine that Tek engineers/employees could buy from Tek (I think in parts)
that I purchased previously.

With the 4051 in terminal mode, we were able to demonstrate that the BASIC
in ROM in the Board Bucket can drive graphics on the Tek terminal.  This was
pretty much clear after I dumped the ROMs and Dave had a close look at them,
but it was still very cool to see the two working together nonetheless.  I
feel very privileged to have both one of the products of Tek's computer
development efforts and the development machine used to help create it
(and/or others) in my possession.

Anyway for those interested, I posted a 4 min video here:


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