sun model 47. code 4/40 does it have the nvram with battery?

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Sun Dec 2 11:39:07 CST 2018

Yes  separate.     - will  have to  see  who  made it   may  be  third  party pr  may  be  sun?   Ed#

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> Hi Alan - The hard drive is same size cabinet.... with I 
> guess a SCSSI cable. I will have to look at it further... 
> wonder if starting it out on a variac would help the
> capacitors like I do with the old radio sets here in the museum 
> ed# 

Is the hard drive inside a lunchbox separate from the CPU's one ?

The CPU box do as someone else said have space for a halfheight device.
But the PSU is obviously probably in bad shape...

Those things (ie the IPC) had a habit of dying already in 1995....

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