sun model 47. code 4/40 does it have the nvram with battery?

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Thanks  for the  info  to  get it  open!  when  back at the  office   shall   do that..   there  may  be  drives in 2 places -  on board and  the off board  one. Always interesting to  explore  something   one  has  only  read  about!

Along the   same  line  of  UNIX   stuff   we  have a  COBALT   1U Pretty  blue  sever and a  COBALT  CUBE.  I  do remember   lusting  after  one of these   1U  COBALT  servers when they  were  current didn't  have anything in  the  budget  back then  though  for  one.  I  have  been  told  SUN  eventually ended up  owning COBALT.
As  will all that   we    have  we  are  looking  for  any  ad slicks   press kits    posters,  wild artwork   for  the  Sun $/40,    and the  2  COBALT  machines..
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Yes. It is next to floppy in the upper half of the chassis. There is a 50-pin (IDC connectors) ribbon cable that goes down to system board at the bottom of the lower half of the chassis. The chassis splits in the vertical middle in a, if looking at the chassis, fairly obvious place. Because of the cables that run from the top to bottom, it effectively hinges at the front of the chassis. There a couple buttons on the side to release and sometimes a security cable bit to remove (phillips screw).

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Hi  Alan - The  hard drive is same  size cabinet....    with  I  guess a  SCSSI   cable.  I  will have  to  look  at  it   further...   wonder if starting it  out on  a  variac   would  help the capacitors  like  I  do  with the old radio sets  here in the museum  ed#  

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Well, as I said, in my experience, the NVRAMs that you can buy new from Mouser work good enough. And the mod to the original battery isn't that hard to make.

In my experience with IPCs, the bigger problem is the power supplies. If the PS on the IPC that you have now doesn't need to be re'capped now, it will need it soon. After that will likely be the HDD that needs work. Almost all of my HDDs that originally shipped with lunchbox systems up to the 424 meg (ST1480N) have died. The price for working 50-pin SCSI HDDs are at a point that SD2SCSI parts make more sense (unless you want to exhibit them as they originally ran).


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It may become a static  display.....
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A 4/40 is a SPARCstation IPC. It used a M48T02 NVRAM for the IDPROM. 

Yes, one with the dreaded battery.


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> we were given this and a hard dribe a floor standimg decwriter..... does this use NV ram with dreaded battery? thanks,ed
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