ISO Intertec 5.25" floppy drive jumper settings

Adrian Graham binarydinosaurs at
Sun Dec 2 15:00:08 CST 2018

Hi folks,

In my long ongoing quest to image and otherwise copy the hard sectored floppies with my Exidy Sorcerer I’m trying to find other floppy drives I can use with it since I don’t like relying on just one set of drives. I have a Cumana dual drive set that came with my TRS80 Model1 that I thought might be jumperable to 300rpm, indeed I can see drive activity if I try and boot.

Does anyone know where I might find the/a manual for the drives? They’re marked as Intertec 5002040 so I’ve been all over Superbrain docs and PDFs on bitsavers but haven’t found anything so far.


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