ISO Intertec 5.25" floppy drive jumper settings

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun Dec 2 18:32:54 CST 2018

>> When they went to 400K 40 cylinder MFM DSDD / double sided, double 
>> density, still 48 tpi (like the PC-DOS 360K), they chose to call that 
>> "QD" / "QUAD DENSITY"!! ?!??  (equating "density" with capacity) WHOA! 
>> Everybody else called THAT DSDD "Double Sided Double Density", and used 
>> "QD" / "Quad Density" to refer to 80 cylinder Double density 96tpi!
> So I’ve been reading :) I’m sure they weren’t doing it 
> deliberately, hahaha.

"QUAD" was arguably defensible to some people who equated twice as 
many tracks (same number of cylinder) or tracks closer together (MANY CP/M 
machines) as being same as changing "density"

But the Intertec choice to call their 96tpi DSDD (800K) as "SD" was just 
plain hilarious!  THAT needs to be periodically retold!
Unaware??!? of the many thousands of companies that used SD and SSSD to 
mean Single Density.
Although, to be fair considering their attitudes, THAT did waste a few 
hours of my time setting up for FM (single density) unnecessarily!

Their machines actually seemed decent, and had many very loyal followers.
The people that I was dealing with were MARKETING.

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