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On 12/2/18 8:36 PM, Jerry Wright via cctalk wrote:

> I'm trying to id this system I just rescued last month.  It is an Eclipse of some type.


> Not sure what sales model it is   ie  C330 or C130 or ???

Given that it was embedded in a CAT scanner it's likely a S series, not
a C series (scientific vs. commercial, the latter having the commercial
instruction set extensions to better support COBOL). Typically it would
be a S/130, but the 16 slot chassis might make it a S/230.  The legend
on the CPU1 board (the bottom-most in the chassis) may give you a hint;
CPU2 is the same for both the S/130 and S/230, so it's of no use it
trying to sort this out.

The options listed are for I/O controllers. Off the top of my head, 4010
is EIA teletype; 4042 is an oddball, it's the data channel logic
sub-option for the 4040 general purpose interface.  4192 doesn't
immediately ring a bell; I'll have to dig that up when I have a moment.

> The front panel is trashed, so what are the differences  between the front panels fromother models.
> Are there any manuals for this out there ?? 

They're not terribly interchangeable across models.  Does the trashed
panel have LEDs or incandescent bulbs?  IIRC the S/130 was the only
model that used LEDs from the factory.

> The back plane has 2 damaged chips.  one has a  74S133 which i understand the other has 20a. if I read it right.  looks to be a hex inverter of some type ??

Does it have a DG logo on it?  If so, BitSavers may have the component
guide (and if not, I have a copy around here somewhere).

Good luck!


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