Opening RL02 disk pack

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>> Hi,
>> how does one open a RL02 disk pack? A couple of packs need cleaning but I
>> can't figure out how to open them...
>I was curious to see if there would be any replies to this. I have just shy
>of 40 RL02 packs, and a few of them had bad scratches rendering them
>useless. Therefore, I attempted to open them in a non-destructive way, just
>to see if it was possible. So far, I haven't had much luck. Also, I noted
>that while all the packs I attempted were DEC (not clones), they did have
>slightly different construction and mechanics, probably based on production
>- Earl

Ha, this made me realize I don't know either. Despite that I now have some RLO3K-DC
packs, and one RLO2 drive.

Dug one out. After a few moments of being stumped, found the trick. Here's how:

On the blue handle, top center, look on the section that has the pivot pins.
There is a flat plastic 'button' on which one end is slightly concave.
With the handle DOWN (flat), put finger on that concave end of the button, and
push sideways, till the button reaches the end of travel.
With it still at end of travel, lift the handle up to vertical. At about 45 degrees
(half way) you'll feel a resistance, then hear a thump.
Once the handle is vertical, lift the pack up by the handle. The lower cover is
separated and the disk is exposed.

But it still is mostly covered, only a slot for the heads is open.
You could lever open the several latches that hold the bottom inner cover on if you wanted.


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