Opening RL02 disk pack

Michael Fritsch mi at
Wed Dec 5 10:43:05 CST 2018

Christian Corti via cctalk wrote:
> Hi,
> how does one open a RL02 disk pack? A couple of packs need cleaning but I can't figure out how to 
> open them...
> Christian

The top of the middle part of the handle (this with the slider) is only glued slighly at the base 
part. With a screwdriver it is removeable  quite easy. After removing it, it reveals the secret of 
the mechanism.
Remove the plastic parts on both sides which act as hinges. Then pull the handle (with the 
"digital"-sign) outwards with some force. Possibly pry a screwdriver between the inner plastic part 
and the handle while still applying force to the handle. Eventually it will snap off the eyelets of 
the plate, which holds the disk in place.
Reassembly is a bit fiddly.

Before doing this, remove the disk from the pack, otherwise you cannot get it off the magnets!


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