Opening RL02 disk pack

Guy Dunphy guykd at
Wed Dec 5 15:38:43 CST 2018

At 02:09 PM 3/12/2018 +0100, Christian wrote:
>how does one open a RL02 disk pack? A couple of packs need cleaning but I 
>can't figure out how to open them...

Wait, by 'open' do you mean 'release the bottom dust cover',
or 'disassemble and remove all plastic till the platters are fully exposed'?

By 'cleaning' do you mean blowing dust out with clean compressed air,
or some kind of all-surfaces wash & wipe? 

I'd assumed the former in both, thinking you might (like me) be new to DEC hardware.

If you actually want to do a thorough surface clean of the platters, how does one
do that anyway? Is there a proceedure recommended by DEC?
Because I may eventually need to do this on old RLO2 packs I have, as I get a
PDP 11-something system together. 


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