P112 runs RSX-11

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There is a "contact" link on this page:
Maybe it works.
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> >  > That's all I could find, too.  If anyone knows where the source might
> >  > be or stumbles on it, I would definitely be interested as well.
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> > I think that's Hector Peraza's site.  His email address is listed; you
> > could try writing to him.
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> Subject: Re: Interested in a Z280 SBC
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> lowen wrote on Wed, 11 October 2017 06:44While I personally would like to see a bit more
> coordination of efforts especially in the area of the C compiler, assembler, and emulator, I know of
> several efforts by several people already underway.  I am very interested in the emulation side of
> things, and even going as far as a VHDL or verilog core that could be used in an FPGA.  With the
> annoying bugs fixed, of course!
> Some of the bugs could even be emulated (if they are not of erratic nature, of course). That could
> be useful in case someone wants to test a program on the FPGA version that is intended to work
> on the real iron as well. The "compatibility" mode could be controlled by a bit in an additional CPU
> control register.
> Which brings up another question: is there any updated list somewhere of the known Z280 bugs?
> So far the information available is rather fragmented and incomplete.
> Quote:To all who are involved in doing a compiler, assembler, or emulator: I know you've probably
> posted before, but I would like to get a list together of all of these efforts and see what
> coordination might be possible.
> OK, here is my list:
>  native Z280 (macro)-assembler, preferably M80 or SLR compatible (currently working on that)
> debugger (e.g. like DDTZ, but using the single-step capabilities of the chip) get UZI280 working
> (haven't even looked at it yet) and add more utilities, etc. same for Fuzix port of MP/M better hard
> disk support (e.g. via FDISK utility like the one for the P112, with automatic recognition of
> partitions in CP/M and UZI so one will not have to change the BIOS every time partitions change)
> better ROM setup? again taking the P112 as an example (i.e. adding disk timing parameters to
> the NV RAM, if possible add a simple embedded debugger?) a Verilog or VHDL Z280 core,
> perhaps taking T80 as the base. And if I really get the time, would like to make something like this,
> so it could be plugged directly into the CPU280 CPU socket. and like Lamar I also have my own,
> other niche project - a port of a multitasking, RSX-11M-like OS I wrote many years ago for the Z80
> (now ported to the Z180). The PDP-11 always was my favorite machine, and the Z280 has many
> PDP-ish features, including a similar MMU, so for me is an interesting hobby project.


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