[rescue] Sun2/120 SunOS 3.2 suntools movie (was: advise on Sun2 disk install)

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Thu Dec 6 14:57:22 CST 2018

> It’s a Sun-2 so it’s not really arguable whether it’s the first 
> ever Sun workstation: It’s not.

Definitions tend to be RIGID, but completely arbitrary.
"MEGAPIXEL" is nice, but enough to EXCLUDE 1024 x 800 ?

"First": The author is unaware of anything prior, or all prior instances 
were in some way uninteresting and unacceptable for the author's use.  eg. 
"Apple2 was the first personal computer", "first book typed on a word 
processor", etc.

"Workstation": Any location where an oppressed worker is compelled to 

"Multimedia": Two or more Kodak Carousel projectors with a soundtrack. 
(college "DEFINITION", not "example"!, from half a century ago)

One day, our otherwise very dignified department chair came running into 
the student computer lab (3 dozen 386SX generic PCs), yelling "We're 
getting SUNS! We're getting SUNS!  The loading dock just told me that 
there are three big boxes labelled 'Multimedia Workstation'!". Later that 
day, two of the three boxes arrived (the third had been pilfered by an 
administrator).  They were fancy wheeled computer desks for the demo 
machines in our classrooms, to replace the vintage 5150 rolling 
standup presentation carts that had been the right height (projector 
should be taller than desk) and lockable.

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